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East One – Edgware (Online booking!) Tel: 020 8952 4288

Okay yes it’s a Chinese Buffet… These are generally not the things of culinary stardom…

The setting does not bode well. Across from the Boardwalk Shopping Centre and housed in a truly awful new towerblock… When I was first taken here I was not exactly expecting a lot.

However: This is a buffet restaurant by the same team who bought us The East in Elstree. A distinctly above average, and vastly expensive Pan asian restaurant in Elstree (and now with a second branch in Stanborough).

Open the doors however and it’s a different story. It’s a quite elegant eating area broken into 2 sections.

A giant dragon adorns the ceiling, not painted, but sculpted. And carved wooden panels hang from the light cream coloured walls.

The food is good too. The starters range from dim-sum dumplings (fried pork, or steamed chicked) to satay chicken, to spring rolls and duck pancakes all seved buffet style.

You then have the “carbs” egg fried rice, noodles with beansprouts and singapore noodles.

Main courses are cooked to order and served in small portions. You can order 2 at a time at most, but can reorder as many times as you wish.

There is a Pudding section too. This ranges from toffee apple fritters. To an icecream bar. fresh fruit, and my fathers favourite Jelly. They also do fresh crepes (both plain and green pandan leaf crepes) with a variety of sauces during the evenings.

My touchstones with Chinese food are quite simple.

Singapore noodles
Crispy chilli beef.

The seaweed is unforutunatly rather variable here. Sometimes it’s excellent. On Sunday it was overcooked, greasy and quite bitter.

The Satay is always good. Though the peanut sauce could do with a little more heat.

The Singapore noodles are excellent. Easily in my top 10. The only thing that lets them down is that as they are served on the buffet they can sometimes be a little more flabby and overcooked due to the fine noodles.

However they are made in smaller batches to the other noodles and the egg fried rice so this isn’t too much of a problem as they are refreshed regularly.

Crispy chilli beef. Really really good. In my top 3 (and one of those restaurants no longer exists).

All in all this is an exceptional Buffet restaurant. And a well above average Chinese restaurant in general.

My only bugbear is that the seats/stools are very solid (to the point of being hard to move as they are so heavy) and hard. I’ve bought my parents here, and we had to buy Mum a cushion as they make her back ache after a while.

It’s expensive compared to many buffet style restaurants. However it’s vastly cheaper that a similar quality “proper” restaurant.

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