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Slow Roasted Beef

This was our Sunday dinner . It can use any “slow roast” joint (Brisket etc etc).

Take the joint (About 2kg fed 8 of us, and apart from my 6 year old nephew none of us are small eaters).

Liberally salt and pepper it (I grind a load of pepper and strew it evenly across a chopping board. follow with the sale then roll the beef across it).

Halve 2 carrots, and quarter 3 onions (peeling is unneccessary)

Take a wide sheet of foil and put the carrots and onions in a pile in the middle. Place the beef on top of the veggies (which will act as a trivet).

Seal the edges ot the foil to mate a good sized tent around the meat.ensure that the seals are as tight as you can make them.

Put the meat in the oven the night before you want it at betwen 75C and 100C (My sisters oven isn’t very good at lower temps).

Remove the meat in the morning and straiin off the liquid (this will make excellent gravy) and leave to cool then slice.

If you want the meat hot (as we did for a roast dinner) keep the foil tent as complete as possible) and warm through with a few tablespoons of the juices to keep it moist I did this with the combi microwave, on a convection setting as I was roasting the potatoes). with the plates underneath to warm them through.

The 2 advantages to this are:

It results in perfectly well done but juicy and tender meat (If you have a family like mine who insist that their meat not be anything approaching “rare”).

Slow roasting joints are _vastly_ cheaper than normal roasting joints.

To turn the juices into gravy I merely added the boiling water from the roast parsnips (unsalted) a good stock cube and thickened with cornflour.

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