General Wittering 04 Mar 2010 03:12 pm

Asda Smartprice Chicken Curry and Rice

Okay… I mentioned being skint this month and I am. So as I was wandering round the local asda near work I saw this and had to try it…

And I am still alive to tell the tale.

It’s 67p Thats about $1 for you american types for 300g

51% is the curry sauce.
34% is rice
15% is chicken

Yes thats all of 45g or just a tad over an oz and half of Chicken.

Somewhat surprisingly the chicken (all err 4 pieces of it) was actual breast meat and had a pleasent texture.

Unfortunatly the sauce tasted of… Well water.

The rice was just that so no help there.

Okay so it cost me 67p so I can’t moan too much, but some flavour would have been nice.

Ahh well

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